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This web application has been built to address the specific needs of the real estate professional. In this application you will find faster, more direct access to our Landcor property data as well as a broad selection of assorted market information gathered from various sources. Information is power. From the Landcor team - We hope you enjoy this tool.

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Mortgage Rates

Date Bank 1 Year
Apr 08, 2019 Scotiabank 3.64%
Apr 08, 2019 TD Canada Trust 3.59%
Apr 08, 2019 CIBC 3.54%
Apr 08, 2019 RBC Royal Bank 3.39%
Apr 08, 2019 Westminster Savings 3.59%
Apr 08, 2019 Prospera 3.44%
Apr 08, 2019 Coast Capital Savings 3.24%
Apr 08, 2019 Vancity 3.64%
Apr 08, 2019 BMO 3.79%
Apr 01, 2019 HSBC 3.29%